22. October 2016
ZENOWAY awarded as “Top Innovator”
22. October 2016
ZENOWAY awarded as “Top Innovator”
January 23, 2017 atug
22. October 2016

ZENOWAY awarded as “Top Innovator”

The innovative ZENOWAY logistics solutions from ZenoTrack were recently recognized at the Volkswagen Innovation Day for Logistics 2016 (Volkswagen Innovationstag Logistik 2016):


 For this event, the automotive company had sought out innovative and implementable product and process solutions that could add value to Volkswagen logistics processes.


The real-time-positioning assistance and logistics modules of ZENOWAY; the Speed Control, Adaptive Drive Assist, Logistic Analysis and Scannerless Location ID, as well as the state-of-the-art data evaluation service, Intralogistics Hub, were presented at the Volkswagen Logistics Innovation Day 2016.
ZenoTrack was awarded the title “Top Innovator Volkwagen Logistikinnovationen

A total of 128 companies had applied for the coveted title, offering over 170 logistics innovations. Volkswagen invited only 40 of them to Wolfsburg to present their products at the Innovation Day and ZenoTrack is one of the 18 winners.

The ZENOWAY product series enables enormous efficiency improvements for logistics warehouses. For this purpose, the operational data of all ground conveyor vehicles in the warehouse are networked with smart sensors and embedded devices such as real-time location tracking and the data is analyzed in a protected cloud.

With this system, the customer defines the need: For example, time-consuming scanning processes for the identification of goods and storage space as well as the the risk of accidents, vehicle failures and personal injuries are vastly reduced through intelligent assistance systems. Thus significantly optimizing routes and vehicle use as well as generally allowing for more flexible, cost-efficient and safer processes.

As a highly innovative technology expert in the already strong Bosch network, ZenoTrack combines the fast, creative and flexible solution orientation of a successful logistics technology expert, combined with the proven service force of Bosch, the leading international technology and service company, to form unique ZENOWAY Intralogistics solutions.

This combination of innovative technology and strong implementation has now also been recognized by Volkswagen. In addition to the automotive industry, ZenoTrack is also successful in numerous other sectors with the ZENOWAY logistics solutions and, upon request, can provide branch-specific references.

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