With the ZENOWAY technology, you can increase the efficiency of your intralogistics. This records the operating data of all the forklifts by means of smart sensors and embedded devices such as, Real-time location.

You define what you need: You can, for example, replace the time-consuming scanning processes with product and storage location identification, minimize accident risks and vehicle failures with intelligent assistance systems as well as significantly increase the efficiency of your warehouse by optimizing routes and vehicle use.


We are a small, quick, innovative technology expert and are part of the strong Bosch network. So you get the best of two worlds: The creative, flexible and customer-specific, solution orientation of a successful logistics technology expert supported by the proven sales force and service power of a leading international technology and service company:
Unique intralogistics solutions tailored to your specific needs!

ZENOWAY offers you the right solutions for your specific requirements:

• Can be used in indoor and outdoor areas as well as in all types of storage (shelf and block storage)
• Easy and fast installation and commissioning on all vehicle types
• Compact, powerful, and universally applicable hardware components (embedded devices)
• Non-contact, wear-resistant and maintenance-free sensor technology

Digital Services – As flexible as your warehouse

ZENOWAY Digital Services optimizes your operating data. We are constantly expanding the range of our digital services for you. You already have the most important part: All our digital services use the operating data of your vehicles. So you can easily and and effortlessly use the existing modules for fully integrated digital services.

Examples of functions of ZENOWAY Digital Services:
  • Real-time assistance to optimize your logistics processes, e.g. Scannerless Intralogistics
  • Real-time assistance to increase process reliability, e.g. Speed control
  • Advanced Advanced analytics for analyzing operating procedures, e.g. Process analysis
  • Provision of prepared data for predictive optimization measures, e.g. Predictive Maintenance

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