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Your vehicle fleet offers a wide range of savings and optimization options. Our ZENOWAY fleet management solutions help you achieve and raise that.

ZENOWAY works with Mobile Easykey, the European market leader for fleet management solutions, to intelligently use position data for optimized fleet management.

Mobile Easykey makes the unauthorized use of all equipped machines and equipment impossible. The modular system allows for access control and secures the entire storage park.



> Immediate notification with accurate location information of the accident in real time
 > Automatic actions after accident, according to predefined parameters (for example, decommissioning of the vehicle)
> Variable sensitivity adjustment of the crash sensor (individually adjustable according to range, vehicle type, etc.)
> Analysis for process optimization for future accident prevention


This ZENOWAY module offers a considerable contribution to the prevention of accidents.

However, if there is a crash, you will want to have complete accident transparency, in order to react quickly and appropriately, as well as to avoid future accidents more efficiently. In combination with a fleet management system (e.g., the patented crash sensor from Mobile Easykey), ZENOWAY provides an integrated solution: in the event of an accident, Shock Control provides you with accurate data and insights into the accident.

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> Simple and efficient protection of vehicles against unauthorized use
> Can be retrofitted to existing fleets at any time
> Quickly implementable. No interventions in the CE / your system landscape and no complex installations on the vehicle
> Non-contact access control via RFID technology

Access Control replaces the mechanical switch lock for the forklifts.

Each of your employees receives a personal transponder. This transponder authorizes its bearer to use defined vehicles.




> Optimization of charging cycles for longer battery life
> More efficient operation by managing charging time
> Prevention of damage to expensive interchangeable batteries

Intelligent battery management extends the life of your batteries and prevents misuse.

By the exact allocation of the batteries to the forklifts, Battery Charge Control helps you to avoid battery damage. The integrated software records charging times and charging intervals and optimizes the load management.

Each replacement battery is equipped with its own transponder. Depending on the pre-setting, the forklift accepts only approved batteries or records the use of non-approved batteries.

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