23. APRIL 2017
Speed Control at Coca Cola HBC and Bosch Hausgeraete
23. APRIL 2017
Speed Control at Coca Cola HBC and Bosch Hausgeraete
October 2, 2017 Marjam
23. April 2017

ZENOWAY successfully implements Speed Control at the production sites of Coca Cola HBC and Bosch Home Appliances

In production halls, intersections and walkways are hazardous spots where collisions between forklifts are most likely to happen, sometimes even colliding with people. Companies have a great interest in minimising these hazards because incidents like these are always to the disadvantage of process chains – let alone the consequences resulting from material damage or personal injuries.
ZENOWAY is actively working on solutions that help make vehicle movements less prone to failure. These solutions are also in high demand with global companies.

That is why in autumn 2015, ZENOWAY successfully implemented its Speed Control System at the production site of Coca Cola HBC in Austria in Toyota Material Handling forklifts. If these vehicles arrive at an intersection, their speed is automatically reduced to a preset maximum speed. Overall there are two different speed default values to be set.

“One challenging aspect of the project was the world’s first use of the Toyota Traigo vehicle models and on the other hand the world’s first use of the ZENOWAY Speed Control System. The benefit is obvious: To increase the safety of the forklift fleet and as a consequence its operational capability,” said Christoph Fitzthum, Head of Sales at ZENOWAY.

Since August 2016, the Speed Control System has been used by the biggest ZENOWAY customer within the Bosch Group. At the Bosch Home Appliances site in Traunreut (Bavaria, Germany) the assistance system Speed Control was successfully implemented together with other ZENOWAY solutions. The scanning of a specific storage area, until recently done manually by the driver, now works automatically by the push of a button on a display. This saves the driver a lot of time thus ensuring a smooth and more efficient logistic process.

It is at the same site that ZENOWAY is cooperating with its partner Mobile Easykey. The Mobile Easykey system replaces the ignition key of a forklift with a transponder. In case of a collision both vehicles stop automatically and cannot be restarted until the workshop manager has unlocked them with the master transponder. Defective or damaged forklifts are thus taken out of service and can no longer cause a hazard to workers or others.

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