2. OCTOBER 2017
Zeno Track in cooperation with IdentPro
2. OCTOBER 2017
Zeno Track in cooperation with IdentPro
February 8, 2018 Marjam
3 October  2017

Zeno Track in cooperation with IdentPro

IdentPro is licensing its identplus® technology for 2D-laser-localisation of vehicles in intralogistics to Zeno Track GmbH, a member of Bosch Group. This strategic partnership provides the market with fast access to industry 4.0 solutions. As a result, companies are well prepared for the challenges of the digital age.

from left to right: Michael Wack, CEO of IdentPro, Christian Schachinger, Managing Director of Zeno Track

„We are pleased to announce that we can now use IdentPro laser based localisation into our solutions. Precise localisation in the warehouse and in its surrounding areas is an important basis for our innovative software systems and for the efficient and reliable use of in-house vehicle fleets,” said Christian Schachinger, Zeno Track Managing Director. In addition, swift implementation and the maintenance-free operation of the localisation are great advantages.

“With Zeno Track we have won a strong partner who shares our vision of digitised and automated intralogistics as a basis for industry 4.0 and Smart Factory,” said Michael Wack, CEO of IdentPro, just as pleased about the new cooperation. Wack added, “It is the excellent market position of Zeno Track as member of the Bosch Group that provides companies with easier access to innovative solutions on their way towards a digital future.”

The unique laser localisation developed by IdentPro uses elements of the natural surroundings as reference points. The company from Troisdorf thus sets a new market standard for the localisation of industrial trucks. The possibility to precisely and repeatedly locate forklifts in warehouses and the surrounding outdoor areas together with the automated localisation of unit loads like pallets, paper rolls etc. is made possible only by using their x,y,z-coordinates in the warehouse. There is no need to repeatedly scan barcodes or to manually update warehouse management systems. Instead, everything is done automatically.

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