15. MAY 2017
Welcome to the new logistics era with ZENOWAY
15. MAY 2017
Welcome to the new logistics era with ZENOWAY
December 7, 2017 Marjam
15. May 2017

Welcome to the new logistics era with ZENOWAY

ZENOWAY has revolutionized the field of vehicle management with new, innovative assistance systems for industrial vehicles, and has already won several awards, for example as a “Top Innovator” at the “Volkswagen Scouting Logistics Innovations 2016” and 2nd place for “Innovative Logistics Products” at the “SEAT Innovation Day 2017”.

The system, a combination of logistics, driver assistance and fleet management functions in one, takes into account the requirements of all stakeholders in the warehouse and provides the customer with more productivity, flexibility, increased process reliability, and above all large costs and time savings.

Three pillars for perfect solutions

Three pillars form a strong foundation for all projects:

Customized positioning with camera, GPS or laser technology
Best sensor technology and easy commissioning
Modular software solutions with intuitive user interfaces

In the field of positioning technology, the ZenoCAM optical camera, the ZenoGPS satellite based system and the ZenoLSR system based on laser technology are available.
For every task, these three technologies can provide the right solution. For example, ZenoLSR has the advantage that no ground markers are necessary for operation, thus no infrastructure has to be maintained and the survey and layout costs are less than, for example, in the case of the optical camera solution with ZenoCAM. For this, a one-time investment in technology is necessary.

ZENOWAY has a tailor-made solution for every budget and every requirement.

Modular concept – Record-breaking short ROI
ZENOWAY solutions are modular designed, which means that customers can supplement or extend their system at any time with more function specific modules. Individual vehicles or an entire fleet can be equipped with modules. This includes the following products:

  • Analysis: Gathers vehicle data during operation and enables the identification of potential optimizations (use, movement, number of lifts).
  • Speed Control: Automatically adjusts the vehicle speed in predefined areas (intersection and other hazards).
  • Passage-Control: Automatically reduces the speed of a vehicle when the mast is extended, or stops when the mast is extended too far.
  • Scannerless Location ID: Automatically detects the current storage location ID – without scanning. With a simple button-push on the terminal / hand-scanner, the storage-location-ID is transmitted to any ERP / WMS system – without any interface or implementation effort.


The accuracy of a ZENOWAY system is also individually selectable, thus ensuring that customers pay for and really use the technology that they need in their logistics environment. For example, not every logistics center needs an accuracy in the millimeter range.
ZENOWAY also sees the need for systems to be implemented as quickly as possible and for customers to achieve a rapid ROI (return on investment).

The ROI of ZENOWAY solutions is record-breaking, the one-time investment pays off in a very short time.

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